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Annual report to the membership – November 15, 2006

Last October 7, 2005 the new Board gathered to review and revise the strategic plan for the Hubbell House Alliance. Let’s see how we did:


  • Maintained a formal partnership with Bernalillo County Parks and Recreation Department (BPRD) and we want to extend special thanks to the great team at the county Chip Berglund and Clay Campbell.
  • Maintain a public relations venue with BCPR to promote the Hubbell Open Space site. Irene Kersting took the lead with the press and 7 News articles were published.
  • Develop a communications plan including the publication of the newsletter There were four newsletters published this year. Publish a Hubbell House Newsletter La Bandera de La Casa Hubbells mailed quarterly thanks to Lorenzo Hubbell and then Steve Lane
  • Maintenance and enhancement of the web site postings was done by Mary Garcia and can be viewed at:
  • Develop a strategic and operations plan for the Hubbell House and Property with an associated calendar of events or timeline. We had 7 workdays this year each lead by a different Board member
  • The open house called the “take a peak day” was a great success under the leadership of Julia Seligman.
  • The docents continued to upgrade their skills under the leadership of Marion Isidoro. Several tours were also given of the house and land on other days.
  • Strengthen and define our partnerships with other groups. Still much to be done but we are beginning to define our working relationship with the Pajarito Village Association, Adobe Acres, and other South Valley neighborhood associations. The addition of Linda Ortiz to our Board will help with this outreach.
  • We set up office files with library, filing, archives, telephone and mail box. This was a group effort of Lawrence Lane, Carol Chapman and myself.
  • Have a yearly strategy meeting (done in October)
  • Expand the Board to the full 12 members that includes representation from the greater Albuquerque area to develop an annual fund-raising campaign. Done and they are a great Board!
  • Begin grant-writing for program-development for activities to be implemented at the Hubbell property that will generate income that will help sustain the Corporation. Boilerplate is begun and one grant and one contract were written.
  • Establish a library and resource list for our docents, volunteers, educators and the community. Maintain the data base for reference and membership coordination was created by Steve Lane.
  • Lorenzo Hubbell worked with Jenifer Cantrell CPA to design a financial system that assures accountability and compliance with the Corporation’s budget and complies with the audit requirements of the State of New Mexico and the Internal Revenue 501©(3)Code.
  • Membership Drive kickoff – TONIGHT with Frances Ray leading the team.
  • Establish a Hubbell House Volunteer base of at least 30 within our membership.
  • Helped secure funding for Phase II renovation.
  • Thanks to Lawrence Lane we have some artifacts in our possession - a wedding dress, several hats, parasol and the history of these items. A Vanpel piano from 1840 has been donated and other items from the family are promised and stored at several locations until we can gather them for the furnishing of the house.  We also have some office furniture acquired for use in the HHA offices. Irene Kersting has supplied the basics for the museum acquisition program

Hubbell Property

  • Rehabilitation plans were approved, funds found, RFP presented in March 9, 2006, bid and contract with Crocker Associates started Mid April and will compete in July 2007.
  • Maintain a Heritage Orchard and laid a high tech low maintenance irrigation system for the orchard and vineyard. Jorin Viers and Lorenzo Hubbell acquired and installed the system with help on the work days.
  • Links are made for the establishment of a demonstration garden project with our agricultural partners and plans for community involvement. We hope to have it up by grand opening next July 2007.
  • Nature trail maintenance and expansion – Picnic Benches. Support Open Space for Wildlife – Birding Trail and list is almost completed thanks to the Central New Mexico Audubon Society.
  • Plant and maintain Vineyard.
  • An agreement for the farming of the land was made with the county and then between HHA and Jesse Baca. You already know that the fields are planted and harvested. John Baca has taken the lead on the Agricultural Committee and Jesse Baca and Juan Carrillo continue to farm and monitor the land.   The organic certification is moving forward under Lorenzo Hubbell and we hope to start the demonstration gardens in early spring so they will be ready for the grand opening. 

What about the downsides? Well we did have a few.

  1. We had to fill Board slots as other personal priorities took people from us. We were very fortunate in the new selection.
  2. Two walls fell down this year. This gave us the chance to build a firm footing for those walls and a much more stable historic building for the long term.

Next Year

  • Get ready for the opening and all that entails
  • More community involvement
  • Active committees
  • Fundraising, grant writing,
  • Planning and furnishing the museum and house
  • We’ll know more after the strategic planning meeting

It takes many volunteer hands to make HHA a success. All members can be involved through the committees. We welcome and need participation at all levels.

There is much to be done in preparation for the opening of the house in the summer of 2007. Committees are open and participation is encouraged. This is your chance to be part of something truly important to Albuquerque and especially the South Valley. Please contact me or any of the Board members for more information and to get involved

Respectfully Submitted

Marjorie M.K. Hlava - President, HHA

Hubbell House Alliance
6029 Isleta Blvd.
Albuquerque, New Mexico 87105

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