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State of the Hubbell House Alliance - 2007

What have we accomplished this year? Firstly – the house is ready!!

In conjunction with the very able staff of Bernalillo County Parks and Recreations department, much has happened. We are thankful for the work by Clay Campbell, BJ Lucero, Chip Berglund and their teams. Could not have gotten to where we are without them. The work by Crocker Limited is outstanding. You can see it by looking around

We revised and expanded the formal partnership with Bernalillo County Parks and Recreation Department (BPRD) supported by a new memorandum of agreement

Lorenzo Hubbell has taken the lead on the grounds and agricultural programs. John Baca has helped him throughout the year. We held community workdays at the Hubbell House and property for agriculture and the trees ore trimmed, the trails in mostly done, the surfaces are smooth. The demonstration gardens are nearly done. The orchard is improved with new row and replacement trees. The vineyard is healthy. We had three cuttings of hay. Our partner for the farming was Jessie Baca

We wrote trail guides for the Hubbell Nature trails. Thanks to Paul Hlava (Geology), Jim Sais (Acequias), I did the flora, and Celestyn M Brozek (Bird List)

PUBLIC RELATIONS -Art DeLaCruz and Irene Kersting have worked with newspapers and radio to keep the public aware of the Hubbell House and events. Liz Hamm of Bernalillo County has worked on promotion of HHA Activities. I have been on Gov TV Twice myself. South valley Ink and the West side Albuquerque Journal have been generous in their coverage.

We started our public relations venue with BCPR to promote the Hubbell Open Space site with a hugely successful Matanza and “soft opening” in September. Julia Seligman guided us through our first real event with aplomb and a better turnout than we could have imagined.

Mary Garcia has maintained the web site. We have an online calendar for the Hubbell House and Property on the website:

We are now working with the South Valley and Pajarito Neighbor hood associations. We hope to work with others throughout next year.

Steve Lane has insured that the member communications plan including the quarterly publication of the newsletter and web site updates have been done throughout the year.

We began a grant-writing for program-development for activities to be implemented at the Hubbell property that will generate income that will help sustain the Corporation. Amanda Hubbell Has submitted one for video oral archives. Barbara C de Baca will work on more for us as the new grant writing chair.

The docent program has held many sessions this year and began leading tours with the Matanza. They will continue to build toward conducting interpretive tours of the Hubbell House and property and surrounding cultural landscape. Marion Isidoro has lead this group for the last three years and Arlette Hill has taken it on for the coming year.

Thanks to treasurer Irene Kersting, We have a draft budget and will begin on the sustainable revenue plan for Hubbell House. She has also worked with Jennifer Cantrell, our outside CPA, to design a financial system that assures accountability and compliance with the Corporation’s budget and complies with the audit requirements of the State of New Mexico and the Internal Revenue 501©(3)Code.

We have a new guest-speaker series on topics of architecture, local history and other interests related to our project. Maureen Murphy has taken on this task and the series will start in January 2008.

HISTORIAN – Lawrence Lane is in the process of creating a history of the Hubbell – Gutierrez family and the impacts of the surrounding cultural influences for publication by the HHA. He is also monitoring and collecting additional information photos, stories, videos etc on the area and its history.  

MEMBERSHIP under the leadership of Frances Ray has increased by 100%. She has established a HHA Volunteer base of at least 45 within our membership. There is a data base for reference and membership coordination. There were two recruitment mail outs and a membership tea held at Abuelitas.

Furnishing acquisitions and is underway. The furnishings are chosen and we are waiting for rebids back from the venders so we can give them to the country for purchasing. We have a floor plan design for the exhibits spaces in the Hubbell House and outdoor kiosk displays.

We have voted funding for hornos in the kitchen yard and Marion Isidoro will oversee the building of those and an educational program series.

We have draft paperwork for the museum acquisitions program awaiting keying by a volunteer. This will help keep track of the Artifacts donated, loaned and stored in the museum or library.
The office set up is started and discussions about the computer, network and internet infrasturure are underway with help from Ryan Chapman

Last but not least we want to thank the NM State Legislators for $175,000 this year and Bruce Erdal for a behest of $50,000!

I am now completing my third year as president of the HHA. It has been a rewarding year. Much has been accomplished.

There is much to do. Now that we have the house we need to furnish it, populate the programs, find volunteers to run the shop, museum, library, help with the grounds and many more things. We are ready for a different phase in our development and we will need new skills on the board and in our volunteer base.

I look forward to the continued SUCCESS of the Hubbell House Alliance

Respectfully Submitted

Marjorie M.K. Hlava - President, HHA

Hubbell House Alliance
6029 Isleta Blvd.
Albuquerque, New Mexico 87105

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