Hubbell House
   6029 Isleta Boulevard SW, Albuquerque, New Mexico

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About the Hubbell Property

The Hubbell Property is part of a 1500-acre Bernalillo County Major Open Space Network and is one of several Public Open Space sites in the South Valley. The property consists of a 5700 square-foot, 150 year-old adobe hacienda situated on 10 acres of cultivated farmland. The house features 28-inch thick walls and 10-foot ceilings with pine vigas.

Situated along El Camino Real, the oldest continuously used European roadway in North America, the Hubbell Property is listed on the New Mexico Register of Cultural Properties.

James and Juliana Gutierrez-Hubbell had 12 children, all of whom were born in the Hubbell House. Juan "Lorenzo" Hubbell was the second son and third born of James and Juliana. Like his father, Lorenzo became a merchant and trader with the "Indians" and established the Hubbell Trading Post in Ganado, Arizona, which today is a historic site managed by the National Park Service.

Hubbell House front and side

Prominent in the local and regional history, the Hubbell Property serves as the centerpiece of the Pajarito community and is a natural focal point for community building and area pride.

Please explore the rest of this website to learn how you can help preserve this historic landmark.

Front and side, facing Northwest photo by
Albuquerque Filmworks





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